5 Things To Do In Chirimiri

The scenic hill town of Chirmiri, also called “Jannat of Chattisgarh”, is in the Koriya district of Chattisgarh. You can conveniently visit Chirimiri through different means, either air, road, or rail. Thanks to the well-developed transport connection of the town with several major cities of the state. However, the question is what to do first when you arrive there. Don’t get confused! Here’s a list of things to do in Chirimiri to make your trip memorable.


#1 Temple Visits

What can be better than starting your trip with the name of God? Despite being a small hill town, Chirimiri is filled with sacred temples. Here, you will find the replica of the Jagannath Temple in Odisha. Interestingly enough, it was constructed by the same group that worked on the Puri Jagannath Temple. Only a kilometer from the central train station is Kalibadi, another well-known shrine. It provides a sweeping perspective of the city from its hilltop location. The magnificent Gufa Mandir, the Maha Maya Temple at Ratanpur, and Baigapara Temple are a few more well-known places of worship in Chirimiri.

#2 Picnics at Waterfall

When you’ve finished exploring Chirimiri’s temples and want to unwind by some lovely waterfalls in a serene natural setting, you can do that at Amrit Dhara Waterfalls. It is a natural waterfall in the Manendragarj-Chirimiri-Bharatpur district of Chattisgarh. Although, you have to drive 50 Km from Chirimiri or 30 Km from Manendragarh to reach the location. Famous picnic spots, especially for families, may be found nearby the cascade. Moreover, every year, a very well-known mela is held close to the place. It is held on the Mahashiv Ratri festival occasion, and thousands of devotees travel to the location to attend the fair.

#3 Boating

Done with the picnic? Let’s do some boating near the Hasdeo River. It is the largest tributary of the Mahanadi River. Boating on the magnificent, tranquil Hasdeo River, present very close to the lovely hill town of Chirmiri, is one of the top things to do there. Most of the time, locals row the boat and take you around the river for an excellent view. On your boat tour, you can also visit a few of the temples situated along its banks. Early in the day or late at night, when it is quiet and cool, are the ideal times to explore Hasdeo. Chrirmiri Coalfield is also nearby around the river’s valley.

#4 Trekking

The hill station of Chirmiri has activities available for those who like an adrenaline rush rather than relaxing. If you enjoy adventure, trekking is one of the exciting things to do in Chirmiri. The town features many thrilling trekking trails and you must not miss out on them. The hiking routes in this hill town are some of the best in the country and are emphasised by a wide variety of colourful flowers and plants. For someone who likes nature, the colour pattern of these trees, plants, and flowers makes this excursion much more exciting. There are also camping supplies accessible in some locations if you like to camp.

#5 Nature Expedition

There is something for everyone in Chirmiri, even if you are too exhausted to go hiking or even sightseeing. Simply get up, have some hot coffee, and get ready to take a stroll across the lush pastures of this stunning hilltop. You can also visit Guru Ghasidas, National Park, located close to the town. Many migrant birds that arrive on the banks of the Mahanadi River during the winter months can be witnessed in this reserve, along with some of the most endangered species in the area. For those who enjoy the outdoors and wildlife, this can be a wonderful destination.


A tour is incomplete without exploring things on your own. We have tried to put some of the most popular and fun-loving activities to do in Chirimiri. However, it all comes down to you how you want to spend your time in this captivating place. You can do sightseeing, make temple visits, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery of the town from your hotel room!

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